7 Types of Accounting Careers

Being an accountant is a good future. However, if you learn accounting, you may want to consider the following accounting careers as your future job. It offers good challenge and salary too.

#1. Enrolled Agent (EA)

New beginners like to start their career here. You need to pass IRS test, and the duty is to represent taxpayers.

#2. The Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper keeps a record on all transactions. This is also an interesting entry level of career.

#3. Accounting Clerk

The duty will be to maintain ledgers and to prepare financial report and report it.

#4. Accounting Director

This position requires you to control other lower accountants, clerks, and also bookkeepers. It is a good position.

#5. Controller

Controller basically monitors and oversees all accounting activities in an organization. They report to the CFO.

#6. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

It is the highest position. He analyzes risks and possibilities on a firm or business.

#7.Governmental Accounting

This is like the public accountant but they work for the government and analyze risks and possibilities there.

Choose your career based on your interest and expertise. You can also start from the beginning. You will know where it leads you. So how do you like to start your career?

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