5 Examples of Advertisements for Kids

Kids have certain taste on things and if you want to sell products to them, you need to use various kinds of media for the advertisement. They access many media now, and they also enjoy many new experiences as well. Here are several examples of advertisement through several media and ways.

#1. Internet Ads

Survey shows that 20% kids have at least one social network site account. You can put your advertisement on the site.

#2. Printed Ads

You can do it on magazine, brochure, and newspaper. There are kids magazines too now so you can optimize your target on the customers.

kids advertising examples 5 Examples of Advertisements for Kids#3. Video Ads

This can be a little bit expensive, but you can put the ads on commercial breaks on TV and also on the internet.

#4. Real Testing

This is the right strategy for food and drink for kids. Give free samples and let them decide.

#5. Play Experience

Make small play ground and let the kids try on your toy product. They will love it.

You do not necessarily have to try the entire examples. You can start with one you are really good at. Then, you can continue to expand on other media or ways. Remember that kids are interested on colours and shape. Make sure you cover those and you will make great advertisement.

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