Stop Your Resources Going to Waste

waste management Stop Your Resources Going to WasteEvery one of us produces waste of some description, how we deal with this waste is not only key to how we look after our planet, it is also fundamental to how efficient a business is run. In the U.K, for all our merits, it appears that we are hopeless at managing our waste.

The cliché of German efficiency is validated by their recycling systems, which allow only 1% of general rubbish to go to landfill, here in Britain this figure is almost 50%. The Germans have a healthier attitude when it comes to viewing waste as a tradable commodity, by adopting a similar view you can stop your profits from being buried in the ground.

As a nation we are starting to catch up with our neighbours, in the last ten years there have been wholesale changes to the way rubbish is collected and recycling centres have become more abundant. These however, are not as engaged as they could be, lack of knowledge, mismanagement and sometimes just laziness, means that we are still throwing valuable resources away.

The space we have on our tiny island to bury waste is ever decreasing, meaning the demand for sustainable methods of disposal is increasing. This demand, combined with the value of certain waste, means that correct waste management has become an effective means of maximising profits, with government incentives to sweeten the deal.

Despite many companies’ best efforts, they are still falling short. Fitting an effective waste management program around your existing operations may not be easy as staff safety or the location and layout of your premises could cause some difficulties. By having your staff change their ways you risk a hit in productivity, however, failing to manage your waste properly will hit you when your refuse bill arrives.

Like many other aspects of business, finding the right balance is key to success. You may not have the expertise within your company to manage this and if this is the case then you should outsource this task to the right people. The government has adopted a carrot and stick policy towards business waste, offering incentives to help companies get started, and delivering hefty fines to those who fail to meet their legal requirements.

If your industry produces a lot of waste, adequate management of it can reduce your costs drastically. Given the current financial climate, it makes more sense than ever to prevent your valuable resources from going down the drain.

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Waste management is just one of the business services offered by MITIE, who look after the facilities management for companies in the U.K and abroad.

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