Executing Sales Training Programs: What is Involved?

sales training dubai Executing Sales Training Programs: What is Involved?Cut-throat competition and relentless marketing have defined success of Dubai enterprises. Nowadays, it never matters whether you make top quality products; no consumer will come for them in your enclosed store. Products sell as much as they are marketed and outstanding products are those that are marketed by outstanding salespeople. Skilled, persistent, motivated and courageous salespeople can turn around product fortunes and lift companies to fame. No wonder sales training Dubai has become the priority of many business leaders.

Signs That Your Sales-team Needs Sales Training
Is the sales-team difficult to supervise? Are there salespeople who dislike the management, including dislike for credit managers, production managers, and all other people who try to correct their ways of doing things? Are the salespeople complaining about sales targets and faulting company policies? Is the salesperson blaming the products, lack of discounts and high prices for dismal sales? All these signs indicate that the sales-team is poorly skilled and unmotivated and deserves to undergo a sales training.

Evaluate Your Sales-Team
Before beginning the sales training Dubai program, you need to evaluate your sales-team. You may be forced to eliminate some ill-skilled members or individuals who are not ready to work according to your plans and targets. For instance, you will find it difficult to train salespeople who feel that you or the Dubai coach lack sufficient sales knowledge and experience to train them. Overly negative and extremely aggressive salespeople are also difficult to manage, and you may relieve them of their duties.

Employees who intimidate you that they would leave if they do not have their way should also leave. Never entertain salespeople who cannot sell if they do not have special deals. Those are not good sales representatives, and they could only be surviving by covering shallow selling skills with deep special offers. You do not want to throw your store away in special offers. Make a tour of the market to get direct sales experience. Talk to the customers and learn their needs and challenges. Such a visit would help you to know the truth about the claims made by the sales-team.

When traveling around to supervise the sales territories, do not interfere with the authority of your sales representatives. Never make any special offers just to show them that you too can sell. Such a step will make customers to turn directly to you and ignore your salesperson. Always remember that you cannot sell everywhere, you need salespeople. So, select and keep the best sales talents and equip them to take on the market with confidence and motivation.

Sales Training Dubai Process
Schedule a training day or number of days and suspend all other marketing activities. Delivery of already ordered items and on-phone orders can however continue. Make sure all members of your sales-team are present, from managers down to field representatives. The training sessions should include sharing of experiences and discussing the challenges of every marketing territory. When salespeople share experiences, they learn to appreciate that all markets have challenges and it is only the hard work, motivation, skills and persistence of the salesperson that makes the difference.

Make sure that your salespeople know their products properly and can talk about them without reference or support materials. The knowledge of features and benefits, shortfalls and applications of the products boosts the confidence of the salespeople during calls. Your sales training Dubai should also include a study of competitor brands, their strengths and how to outwit them in the market. Inspiring experiences, inviting experienced salespeople, and correcting negative attitudes should also be part of the training. Sales training sessions should not be boring. They should be exciting moments for salespeople.

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