It’s More Than Recycling: How to Run a Sustainable Business

sustainable business practices Its More Than Recycling: How to Run a Sustainable BusinessRunning a sustainable business is a must have practice in this day and age.  However it does involve a lot more than just putting some recycling bins around the office and emptying them every now and then.  There are many things you can do to make a business environmentally sustainable. Many options from reducing power usage, reducing waste, to donating profits to an environmental charity can help a business become sustainable.

Here are some practices that can be used in any business.

Reduce Office Paper Use

Think about all the things a business quickly runs through the printer or photocopier each day and you will learn that it all quickly adds up.

  • change all of your printers default to print double-sided
  • use 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • sketch and jot down notes on the back of waste paper
  • use email rather than regular mail when possible

sustainable business Its More Than Recycling: How to Run a Sustainable Business
Reduce Energy Use

One of the easiest ways to help global warming and save a little money for your business is to use less energy.

  • switch out lighting to compact florescent bulbs
  • if you have windows in your office consider using them when possible instead of air conditioning
  • have all staff power down computers and screens at the end of the day
  • use sunlight when possible in place of artificial lighting

Switch your hosting over to Eco – Hosting

Hosting is a continual growth area however the environmental impact is becoming a major problem.

  • find a company that offers green web hosting, if possible 100% solar or wind powered is the best option

Green Commuting Options

Encouraging your employees to avoid driving when possible will help the environment and lessen your company’s carbon footprint.

  • offer alternative work schedules to help employees avoid peak travel time
  • offer work from home options, no commute is the best commute
  • give incentives for carpooling such as paid parking reimbursement
  • pay for or discount travel by train or bus
  • provide secure storage for bicycles and when possible a staff shower and locker facility

Green Marketing

If you have a product that is already environmentally sound or a product that can be changed to be eco-friendly you can use these products to take advantage of consumer’s environmental concerns.

  • consumers are very aware of environmental concerns and are more likely to buy products that are labeled eco-friendly
  • label your products as “green” or “eco-friendly”
  • ensure your products live up to green claims
  • have these products certified by the right agency

Make Donations

Use your profits for good.  Consider donating a percentage to an environmental cause. Consumers will look for companies that donate to such charities and support their business.

  • pick a percentage and an environmental charity you want to donate too
  • donate to to help offset your businesses carbon footprint

Thinking ahead while you are completing a master of management can help you be ready to transform any business to a sustainable business.

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