5 Tips for Corporate Event Planners

Corporate Event Planners 2013Corporate events and industry conferences are essential for everything from continuing education to networking and expanding the business. In order to satisfy all of these requirements, event planners must be able to accomplish numerous tasks for each program and venue produced.

Below are some tips to help make any corporate event successful.

1. Develop a plan

In order to get and stay organized, planners must have a strategy. Since event planning is essentially a mobile undertaking, the customary tools used may be slightly more difficult to come by while out in the field. One way to ensure that everything needed is available is to assemble supplies in a portable kit.

For instance, a tackle box can make a good transporter for essential items like pens, paper clips, stapler and staples, Velcro, box cutters, sewing kit for emergencies, scissors, batteries and first aid items. When everything is available in one place, much time can be saved rather than hunting down items on the spur of the moment.

2. Be Sure to Check Dates

Corporate event attendees usually have very business schedules, particularly those who are frequently sought after as keynote speakers. Therefore, ensure that anyone essential for the event is available on the date chosen. Check with the venue for suitable dates and ensure that there is some flexibility in case you need to change it. Also check the dates for food, lodgings, music and entertainment well in advance.

3. Thoroughly examine the local and venue

Confirm that each location will be more than sufficient and allow for extra attendees. Many people bring guests, so it is best to ensure that there is adequate space ahead of time. Find out about local accommodations and restaurants from insider staff to present to attendees ahead of time and at a concierge station at the event.

Prior to the start of any venue, arrive at least an hour prior to the final inspection. Interact with the staff to get a sense of how attendees will experience the venue. Make notes on what needs to be adjusted to present after the final walk through. This is particularly advantageous for corporate events since there are often high level business people to impress. Doing this final walk through makes it possible to confirm that each selected space will be suitable and responsive for the event needs.

4. Design a seating plan

Have a list of key players handy and assign seats as appropriate. Be sure to rope off prime sections and place reserved placards in the seats to create the best target audiences. Ensure that all of the front rows will be filled. Seating is always critical for successful corporate events. Place reserved placards in the back seats so that people choose the most inward seats possible as they arrive. Once those seats are filled, remove the placards for all attendees and overflow. When seats are unfilled in the front, this could reflect poorly upon the event, particularly if it is to be videotaped.

5. Reduce attrition fees to save on costs

Several days prior to when the event is scheduled to occur, contact partner hotels in the area to find out if they are booked. If they are booked, consider using this as leverage to get a waiver on attrition fees that could have been assessed.

By following the above tips, corporate event planning can be managed more effectively. Ensure that a comprehensive checklist is in place and that all appropriate parties sign off on decisions to avoid misunderstandings in order to have the most gratifying event possible.

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This article was written by the team at TTFS – experts in crowd control barriers and event barricades.

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