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build business network Smart Business Card AlternativesBusiness cards are a great way to network and get your business name out and build awareness. If the business is not relevant to the person receiving the card the message is wasted and the card is most likely tossed in the bin or forgotten about. Business cards are just a piece of paper after all. You want something that is tactile and can be used. This will insure your business stay in the front of customer minds. The following article lists some great alternatives to business cards. They do the same job but in a smart manner.


This is a great way to personalise your message for different customers. You can pick and choose which customers to send certain offers. This will insure the message is relevant to the customer and therefore they are more likely to give it the time of day. Unlike a letter a postcard does not need to be opened to see its contents. Go for short and concise and of course remember to include your contact information.


It’s so simple. We all have those moments where we can’t find a pen. They are useful. Promo pens are a simple method of building awareness and getting your business details out there. They are simple and smart. Customers are less likely to throw them away as they actually serve a function. Be the business that people are reminded of when reaching for a pen.


You could simply just transfer your business card design to a magnet. The design should be simple and concise. We open our fridges multiple times a day. Every time the customer opens their fridge they will be reminded of your business. It also means they will know where to look when they need your businesses details. This will save them the irritating experience of trying to remember where they put your business card.


Get tech savvy. This is the virtual age. It’s easier than you think. You could simply start a Facebook page for your business. This is a great way to provide your customers with a platform to provide feedback on. It’s also a great way to target a specific segment. Seek some advice if you feel this is above your skill set; harness the power of social media.

This article is not dismissing the power of business cards; it is merely suggesting some other great tools to use for promotion. It’s all about creative and unique. You want to catch people’s eyes and draw attention. Start brainstorming, the only limit is your imagination. Think outside of the box and be pleasantly surprised at what you come up with.

About the author:

Written by Samuel Smith – Samuel is a marketing manager in a travel agency.

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