5 Ways to Make Your Business Blog More Exciting

When it comes to starting an on-site blog associated with your business, you may have several goals; clearly you want to add value for your customers, but the main reason that most commercial websites tack on a blog is to increase their opportunities for search engine optimization, helping consumers to find them online. Either way, it’s possible that running a business has not adequately prepared you for the difficulties of penning a blog. And if you aren’t a particularly prolific sort to begin with, you could quickly run out of things to say. Plus, your writing style simply may not be very engaging, humorous, or otherwise entertaining. In short, you are probably looking for a few good ways to make your business blog a little more exciting for readers. Here are some ideas you should definitely consider.

  1. Interviews. Conducting interviews of industry experts or even associated celebrities is a great way to increase the level of interest in your blog. It can not only provide the value that will keep your loyal readership coming back for more, but it could aid in your online promotions and serve to bring in a whole new audience. It can also help you to keep readers informed of the latest happenings in your industry and you could even build up some clout in the blogging community, leading to future collaborations.
  2. Giveaways. There’s no better way to get consumers interested in the products or services your business offers than by offering free samples. So when you introduce new items, it doesn’t hurt to host a giveaway contest via your blog. This will not only prompt your readers to take action, helping them to invest in your company on an emotional level, but you might also ask any winners to write a review of the product or service they receive as a way to interest other buyers. As a bonus you can gather contact information for your mailing list.
  3. Guest writers. If your own writing style tends to be more technical or you simply have trouble coming up with relevant content, consider opening up your blog to guest writers. These would-be bloggers generally provide free content for nothing more than a link back to their own site, and many are truly gifted writers that can help to take your content up a notch. In addition, you can ask them to contact you with article suggestions so that you don’t even have to come up with the original ideas for your content.
  4. Videos. It’s important to remember that although blogging is a textual pursuit, the internet is a visual medium, so creating video content is a great option to mix it up with your blog. Think about taping video interviews, offering tutorials, or even putting together fun and creative marketing ideas like music videos or movie trailer spoofs as a way to engage viewers and increase the potential for sharing (and possibly even a viral campaign).
  5. Interactive content. Any time you can provide your readers with the opportunity to interact you increase your odds of future visits and your potential to gain patrons. You can do this with surveys, polls, contests, and interactive infographics, just for example, and all offer you the chance to create an interpersonal experience with your readership.

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