5 Ways to Motivate Your Workers to Be Fit and Healthy

There are many techniques that companies can use to create an office that feels like a community and a staff that feels like a family. Team-building exercises are one option, as are structured bonuses, raises, and the like. And companies may also offer flexible scheduling, daycare facilities, telecommuting options, and other amenities designed to show appreciation and make the average employee’s life easier all around. Of course, the idea behind such tactics is to increase job satisfaction, raise morale, and generally boost productivity, creating a mutually beneficial work environment. But companies that fail to address the health and fitness of employees may be overlooking a prime cause of issues like sick days, fatigue, and common inefficiency. Plus, if a company is truly concerned about employees, then their health should be a major concern. So here are just a few ways to motivate your staff to get fit and healthy.

  1. Offer bike-to-work incentives. Plenty of companies already do their part for the health of the environment by offering carpool incentives. But you can take it a step further and motivate workers to get fit by providing them with incentives to ride a bike to work. Possible rewards could include extra time off, the opportunity to work from home on a regular basis, or even gift cards for local stores (or vegan restaurants), just for example. All could encourage workers to take a healthier approach to their morning commute.
  2. Sign up for local events. At any given time there are probably a wide variety of local, charitable events such as walks or runs that help to raise funds for cancer (or other medical) research, children’s after-school programs, elder care, or environmental protection, just to name a few. You can sponsor a team under your company name, ask employees to join (or do it on a workday so they’ll be paid to participate), and match any funds they’re able to raise on their own. This is not only good for the health and fitness of your employees, but it also gives you a good reputation in the community and provides money to a worthy cause in the process.
  3. Bring in instructors. If you’ve got a gym facility that is rarely used, why not have employees sign up for classes that interest them and then bring in instructors to teach yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or weight training? This can motivate workers to tackle fitness pursuits in the first place, as well as teach them the skills they need to exercise on their own, potentially kicking off a lifetime of fitness.
  4. Provide healthy food options. If you have a cafeteria on the premises, as many “campus” style facilities do these days, you might want to start offering healthy options, such as vegetarian meals, organic foodstuffs, and even locally-sourced products. Although employees can still hit up nearby fast food joints if they’re so inclined, at least they’ll have healthier options readily available.
  5. Offer additional health services. You can’t make your employees get fit and healthy, but providing them with the help they need to do so is a good place to start. Along those lines, you could offer memberships at nearby gym facilities, work out deals for discounts with a localĀ weight loss program, and even engage the services of psychologists that specialize in quitting smoking, drinking, and drugs, or addiction recovery. Letting employees know that these options exist could just be enough to motivate them to take the steps needed to improve their own health and fitness.

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