5 Tips for Inspiring and Motivating Your Workforce

Unless you work from home or run your own business, chances are you’re going to need a bit of added inspiration every now and again. Try to think about things from the perspective of your employees. They are working to build your brand, and though they are receiving a paycheck and some benefits for their efforts, they won’t always be able to bring the same level of motivation or excitement you can generate every single day. That doesn’t mean they should be fired. After all, everyone has ebbs and flows of focus and drive, especially if their work doesn’t always match up with their passion. As the manager or owner, it’s up to you to find ways to recreate what’s necessary to get the job done. Here are five tips for inspiring and motivating your workforce.

First of all, consider little differences you can make around the office that add up to larger excitement for your staff. Check out the kitchen or common room for starters. Have you stopped your efforts at a dusty old vending machine? Supplying the kitchen with healthy snacks and fresh coffee from a delicious machine will leave the staff feeling cared for and important. That extra effort on your behalf could be all the motivation they need.

You might also want to look at the benefits packages you offer. You might not be able to afford a better healthcare plan or a larger 401(k), but could you invest in installing a small office gym, or supporting a daycare program? Perhaps you could provide your office workers with a free yoga or meditation class during the day, or even add ‘Summer Fridays’ to your regular schedule. None of these efforts will be free, but the added effectiveness you’ll receive with a motivated workforce will more than make up for the output.

People are often most inspired when they like and respect their coworkers, and feel like they are truly members of a team. So get everyone out of the office for a day or a weekend to recreate these relationships. It doesn’t have to be some sort of team building camp visit, and in fact that can cause as much grumbling as it prevents. Instead, consider fun movie theater trips, club sports leagues, barbecues at the local park or an outing at a rollercoaster park. Offering up the opportunity to blow off some steam and get to know each other on another level will provide motivation for your workforce that could last for years to come.

You should probably look at how you delegate responsibilities as well. There are different ways to divide up the work, and some are more effective than others. The real problems arise when no one individual can take ownership on a project from start to finish. If everyone is always doing particular aspects of a project without being able to see something through, motivation will slowly fly out the window. There’s no feeling of accomplishment this way, and being able to track your results is incredibly important.

Finally, consider setting up individual meetings with various members of your staff. Choose the people who are often leaders and create inspiration for other employees. The goal here is to find out if they are being effectively challenged with their work. Some people may focus theirĀ consciousness on simply getting the job done as quickly as possible, while others will zero in on doing the absolute best job. In general, you’ll want to match people to what inspires them the most. Ask them where they see themselves next year, or five years down the line. If you can help them fulfill their goals, they’ll bring all sorts of motivation to their daily tasks.

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