9 Effective Event Promotion Tips

word of mouth marketing 9 Effective Event Promotion TipsWord of mouth.

No three words are more important to getting your event on the road to full blown success. You can utilise the best event planner, the finest brochure printing, rent out the most impressive venue and hire the greatest entertainment, but it’s all fodder if no one hears about it.

Promoting and marketing your event is a crucial component to putting it on the map. Getting people talking and anticipating has to be a priority. The Internet has created a whole new world for this, but it shouldn’t be relied on solely to maximise media presence. Social media, blogs and adverts can play a nice role. Yet, one shouldn’t overlook such old fashioned but still incredible effective paths like brochure printing, print media and simply getting the word out through the grapevine.


1. Give yourself time to get the word out. Depending on the size of the event, you are going to need no less than 14 days to get the word out. If applicable, be prepared to use email blasts, Facebook and Twitter. But don’t discount colorful flyers, handouts and print ads in local media. Get in touch with a good provider of brochure printing and let them advise on the best methods for getting your event on the tips of everyone’s tongue.

2. Get sponsors. Associating your event with major or local sponsors will get word of your event out even more effectively. Sponsors will be involved in advertising and marketing as the success of the event increases exposure and reputation for them as well.

3. The Right Entertainment is Critical. No, perhaps you can’t afford to have Justin Timberlake to sing a few tunes at your event. That doesn’t mean you should shirk on the entertainment. Decide what is most likely to bring your target audience in. A DJ? A magician? Comedy? Regardless of the venue’s size, quality entertainment will not only bring them in, but it will give them something to talk about, making your event more memorable.

4. Person to Person. Technology is giving us more and more reason to stay inside. Convincing people to come out has become challenging. Get a network of communication going. Friends telling friends who tell their friends. Make announcements or slip it into conversations, but get people interested and excited. Marketing and promoting an event is going to require some assertiveness, but be careful here. People are not obligated and don’t necessary need your event. Don’t force your event on them. If there’s a natural interest, give them more details.

brochure printing event promotion 9 Effective Event Promotion Tips5. Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become some of the most powerful marketing and promotion tools in the world. If you have an Internet presence (if you don’t, why not?), this is a good time to utilise it. Take advantage of Facebook’s promotion features. It may not be ideal for smaller events, but large events could certainly benefit. Get followers to interact with your fan and event page, encouraging feedback, uploads and sharing. Promote your posts and tweets.

6. eMail Promotion. Studies have shown subject lines need to be attention grabbing. Readers are less likely to open content where they have a mixed reaction to the subject. eMails sent on the weekends or early in the morning are more likely to be opened than other times. If you can, use software that allows designing the email. Images and a decorative layout can make that email as appealing as a brochure printing service might make it.

7. Engage Others in the Event. The brochure printing service, designers, the equipment company, cleaning company and party planners might be willing to spread the word, putting your announcement or flyer in their window. Give them proper credit for their time and dedication, giving them incentive to promote your event both on the street and online.

8. Freebies. Give things away. There isn’t more motivating to people than winning or getting something for free. Passes to the event can help with buzz. Use social media, for example, to get feedback on the event and give passes for the best answer. Contests and raffles are always a winner. Minimise requirements to ensure maximised participation.

9. Print Media. Everyone may have that personal device that keeps them connected to the rest of the world, but the appeal of having a physical object in hand still has great power. Brochures, colorful flyers, newsletters, print ads in local papers and the like are still excellent ways to get the general public’s attention. This is especially true if you’ve organised an overall effective promotional event campaign to begin with.


Find interesting and creative ways to engage with your target audience. Reach them through as many of the communication options as you can. That includes social media, flyers, word of mouth, etc. Find the best and unique strategies to promoting your event. Attract your attendees and guarantee a successful and memorable event for all.

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