Key Points To Consider When Using Serviced Offices In Hong Kong

Serviced Offices Hongkong Key Points To Consider When Using Serviced Offices In Hong KongMost business hubs that are located in some of the central business districts of Hong Kong offer managed offices. It is an office or office building that comes fully equipped and fully serviced. It actually provides professionals and other enterprises (big or small) the option to rent out single or whole floor workspaces. It is a fully operational workstation that can be occupied right away.

Choose a location that will help your business to look more professional and reliable

Choosing a location in any part of the city can help boost your professional reputation, especially if you are situated in a prime area. An influential address and location will certainly give a great impression to potential clients and suppliers because you will be able to provide them easy access to your workplace (convenient for meetings). The same goes for hiring staff. Your team will love going to work because they will have a place that can be easily reached.

Find out the amenities that are included in the package

Despite limiting your financial risks when availing of a serviced office to rent, you should still look into the amenities that will be provided for your business. Some of the basics usually include Internet connection, bathrooms, conference facilities (conference and boardrooms with equipment) and a pantry. You can also look into a few other features such as a reception team (provided with call handling and forwarding, posting and validating mail), secretarial support, security, in-house IT support, building maintenance and cleaning services. Besides these inclusions, also check for nearby establishments such as restaurants, banks and so forth as these can work to your advantage later on.Hongkong yin yang logo Key Points To Consider When Using Serviced Offices In Hong Kong

Most of these features are already included in your monthly rent. So you will not have to worry about handling any other office concerns. With a serviced office, you get to use your money for other crucial business deals.

Find a serviced office that will help lower your company’s capital expenditure

Availing of a managed office can help lower your capital expenditure, as this service specifically suits startups or small businesses. When you have been assured of a good customer service team, then you will surely be able to save on a significant amount of money. You will no longer have to worry about issues such as hiring more staff because time will be managed well (no more time needed for recruiting staff, etc.). It is also a “pay as you use” scheme, which gives you the chance to save up on unnecessary fixed costs.

Look for flexible terms when availing of a serviced office

While most rentals will lock you down to 3 to 5 years (i.e. set monthly contracts), the use of Executive suites is usually offered with more flexible payment terms. Most serviced offices Hong Kong can offer your company short stays. Short-term leases can range from a few days, weeks, months to just a year. You can even renew your contract afterwards when you see it fit. Other than that, you get to choose and customize the business solutions that you require for your business whenever you require it.

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