Streamline Your Business With Professional Answering Service

professional live answering service Streamline Your Business With Professional Answering ServiceIf you own a medical practice or business, you are aware of what it means to be efficient and cost effective. Your goal is to remain financially viable in an extremely competitive market, while providing your patients or customers with quality care and service. There are some simple ways to streamline activities in your office to insure that your business is performing optimally.

One of the most simple, yet highly effective ways to improve the efficiency of your business, while increasing your competitive advantage, is to hire a professional telephone answering service. If you are working with a tight budget you are probably thinking that this is an expense that you simply can’t afford. You should probably look at it from a different angle. Working within your budget is very important, but there are those investments that pay dividends over the long haul. You should look at hiring a telephone answering service as a low risk investment with an exceptionally high ROI.

While you are looking to streamline the operations and cost dynamics in your office, you are also looking to grow your business simultaneously. This is not an easy task. When you are looking for a way to manage costs, hiring a professional answering service may appear to be counterintuitive; however, if you take the time to analyze the benefits associated with hiring an answering service, you will find that hiring an answering service will be one of the smartest moves you will make.

Professional Image

One of the first benefits of hiring a professional answering service is that it will provide the professional image that your company needs. Remember, you are competing with other businesses and customers and patients are not only considering price, but quality of service. The image that you portray to potential customers goes a long way in helping to establish your expertise.

Customer Management

Customer management is extremely important in properly managing and growing any business. Customer management encompasses every aspect of customer engagement, from the first contact to the final service is rendered and beyond. Too often, business owners underestimate the immense importance associated with creating an environment that allows their employees to effectively meet the needs of their customers.

Hiring a professional answering service insures that your customers never speaks to another answering machine again, and in special cases they will be able to reach you after hours. In an era in which people speak with automatic systems far more frequently than they do a human, human engagement is both, welcomed and appreciated. There are things that an automated system simply can’t do, such as sense the urgency and tension in a person’s voice, evaluate when someone may need to be called in to deal with a problem that can’t wait until tomorrow. Having a professional answering service creates another level of proactive support between the customer and failed service.

Cost Effective

If you have high call volume during the day that means your assistant or your office manager is being pulled away from their work to field phone calls. The other option is to hire a receptionist, which comes with a salary and benefits. You can hire an answering service for a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist. The added benefit here is the fact that the people at the answering service are professionals at fielding calls. Not everyone is good on the phone. You probably did not hire your office manager for her phone etiquette. Having a professional answering service allows your office employees to do what you hired them to do. It also insures that your customers get a polite and unhurried voice every time they call, instead of an office employee who is in a rush to get back to their work.


Having an answering service fielding your calls insures the quality of every customer interaction. It provides a professional courteous encounter that enhances the overall customer experience. Not only is this one of the best ways to streamline your business, it’s also one of the best ways to grow it

About the author:

Sylviane Herzog is the Director and writer of Concorde Answering Service which has offices in Los Angeles, CA.

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