5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Structured Cabling Company

Structured cabling is one of the most efficient and streamlined ways to integrate all of your systems and platforms into one wired structure. There are a number of benefits to structured cabling, like cost effective installation, affordable upgrades, consistency, and versatility. With a structured cabling system, you don’t need to rely on a number of vendors or manufacturers for things like repairs and troubleshooting. All you need is one structured cabling company – one that can lay the wire, create the system, and make repairs and upgrades if your business needs them. Here are 5 things to consider when selecting a structured cabling company.

  1. Your business’ needs. When you are looking to install a structured cabling system at your business, you need a company that has all the solutions that your business needs and will install a system that works according to your business’s capacity without going under or overboard. For instance, the size of your business will determine the length of cabling you need and even what kind of cabling your business needs. If you are a large corporation, you need something high speed without weighing down the infrastructure, but you also need to be able to connect with the world instantaneously.
  2. A company that understands your long-term needs. When you are looking for a structured cabling company, you want a team that understands your business’ long term needs. When it comes to structured cabling, a macro perspective is essential. This means that you need a company that can construct an infrastructure that not only lasts 10 to 20 years, but also that can support future programs, equipment and platforms. You also need a system that can support updates without any major overhauls or without having to take your business offline.
  3. Experience. Experience is everything when it comes to a structured cabling company. For example, you want a company with both experience and a reputation for installing express data business wiring. You might be able to ask them what their experience level is, but what you really want to do is check references, speak with past clients, and even do a little background check on their licenses and certifications. The last thing you want is to trust a company that has no idea what it is doing.
  4. Good security. When it comes to experience, you also want a company that has excellent customer support. Troubleshooting problems can be difficult and can take time out of the day – possibly money too. So, you don’t want to call your structured cabling company and get put on hold for longer than a couple minutes. A good structured cabling company should offer support right away – even guarantee it.
  5. Professionalism. There are a lot of signs you can look out for that would give away the fact that a structured cabling company is not professional. For instance, if you call their office and don’t get a response right away, emails are from personal email addresses, or even if the representative just doesn’t have a professional attitude, there’s a good chance that you haven’t yet found the professionals. If this is the case, you might want to keep on looking.

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