5 Trade Show Marketing and Networking Tips for Your Business

Tradeshows are one of the best ways to introduce your product or service to a specific marketplace. Not only do you get to meet clients, but you can also meet other businesses in your industry. The key to a successful tradeshow, however, is to maximize your attendance. Reserving a booth at a tradeshow can be expensive – not to mention food and lodging – so you want to make a pretty decent return on your investment. When it comes to more niche industries, tradeshows might account for over 70% of a company’s business and sales, so making sure you market and network accordingly is even more vital. Here are five trade show marketing and networking tips for your business.

  1. Press releases. Having an incredibly concise and well written press release can mean the difference between having only a few people at your tradeshow booth and too many. And which do you want? – You definitely want too many people, because that means the sales are going through the roof. A good press release – timed perfectly – can reach the right trade papers and soon enough your booth will be teeming with possible customers.
  2. Create marketing materials. Having postcards, banners, and advertisements created is one of the best ways to entice people to come to your booth. With postcards, you can send out a mailer blast to everyone you have on your email and address list. These can include previous customers and even potential new customers that you know will be visiting the tradeshow. Also, you can create brochures that haveĀ more information about your products and services. When you are at the tradeshow, handing out these materials can be a great way to direct traffic toward your booth.
  3. Post updates on your blog and social media pages. The more buzz you create around your booth, the more potential sales you will make. Oftentimes, you can make live updates right from your booth. Or you can have a social media intern or assistant make the updates while you are busy writing out purchase order forms and landing new clients. These updates can include text, photo, and even video – whatever you can include to get people’s attention.
  4. Throw a party. One of the greatest ways to both market and network at the same exact time is to throw a party during the days of the tradeshow. Many tradeshows are held at one or two hotels in a specific area, so all the guests are usually condensed within the same proximity. Throwing a party will garner a large turn out and it will give your business a great opportunity to invite potential customers to visit your booth the following day.
  5. Follow up is everything. If you don’t follow up with customers, you might as well kiss them goodbye. You don’t want to let all those business cards you collected go to waste, because all of those people could turn into sales. So, as soon as you return to the office, remind yourself to make a round of phone calls.

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