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Urgent care refers to the centers and or services offered to patients who find themselves in need of urgent medical attention, yet do not want to or do not have time/ money to go to hospitals’ emergency wings for the needed treatment. It is widespread in the New York City (NYC) in authorized centers and even online, and patients need not make a prior appointment for their treatment. Patients in need of urgent medical attention or suffering from ailments/ conditions that do not threaten their lives, at the moment, can walk into the urgent care centers and receive treatment, or they can call one of the staffs (doctor, nurse, etc) to get a quick diagnosis and or even prescription; instead of having to travel to emergency departments of hospitals.

Benefits of NYC Online urgent care

The availability of online urgent care NYC saves lives. This is because in emergency situations, at night, or when one is not near a medical center, he/ she can login into the website of any of the urgent care providers or call them (from wherever they are) to consult on their condition. The patients get immediate assistance; unlike if they were to go in person to hospitals emergency departments; consuming traveling time and or waiting for other patients to be attended. The online medical consultation costs far less than getting real time consultation at hospitals because traveling costs money, not to mention emergency wings at hospitals charge high fees.

Relevance of urgent care

Initial urgent care centers were initially established in 1970 to complement emergency departments in hospitals. In 2009, a criterion was set, defining the services that urgent care centers should provide, operating hours, staffing and fees for rendered services. According to The Certified Urgent Care Center designation, each center would not refuse its services to any patient (regardless of what time of day or night the patients walked in), would offer a variety of basic urgent medical services and patients could walk into the center and get treatment without unnecessary delays. Some of the centers had licensing to dispense medication from a point-of-sale in their premises; more like a pharmacy, except the staff could only dispense medication to the patients they treated and not the public. It is on these criteria that online services have been set up in NYC, among other places, by some of the urgent care centers/ providers to help people without having them visit the clinics.


Online urgent care is necessary in NYC as it not only attends to emergency needs of people, who would otherwise not have made it to a health center fast enough, but potentially saves costs, time and lives. A parent whose child suddenly falls ill can consult, in a matter of minutes, with an online doctor and get a quick answer on what to do with the child; potentially saving his/ her life. Poisoning or accident cases can be easily addressed when an online urgent care provider provides fast diagnosis and course of action.

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