5 Tips for Getting Employees Up to Speed With New Software

Training employees on how to use new software can be one of the biggest challenges for a business, because how do you help someone transition away for something they have been comfortably using for multiple years? When it comes down to it, many employees have a fear of new technology, because they are afraid that they won’t know how to use it, or they are afraid that it will affect their job. So, one of the first steps for IT software trainers is to eliminate that fear. Here are five tips for getting employees up to speed with new software.

  1. Help them see the benefits. The moment an employee sees how a particular software can benefit them, the sooner it will be that they embrace the new technology. Sometimes getting an employee to simply embrace a new technology is the best way to teach them how to use it. When it comes to new software, it isn’t really that the new software is difficult to understand, it is acceptance of the new technology that is hard. However, by pointing out the benefits, like being able to work faster and more intuitively, you can effectively help employees accept the new software.
  2. Separate employees by skill levels. You can generally break down the different skill levels of workers by giving employees a short questionnaire. The questionnaire will go over things like whether they have used the technology before, it they are familiar with the software outside of work, or if they have even heard of it before. This is a great way for IT managers to focus on the workers that need training the most and ease up on the employees that don’t, When it comes to effective software training, this is an excellent method.
  3. Work together. When it comes to introducing new software, the best way to do this is with a speech or lecture and not with an email. An email will only startle employees because you only have so many words with which to explain why you are switching. By having a forum to go over the who, what, why and where – in detail – you can potentially quell any future mutinies from employees not willing to make the transition.
  4. Send employees to an IT boot camp. For instance, MCSA: Windows Server 2012 boot camp is a great way for employees to get a crash course on how to use new software. And a company called Countrywide Training has great IT training classes so that employees can get up to speed on new software and technology Рwithout all the usual backlash.
  5. Make it fun. By providing incentives to employees who learn the new software faster, the quicker you can bring all your employees up to speed. For instance, if you plan a party for the end of the workweek, you might get a few employees willing to learn the software faster. When it comes down to it, timing is everything when you are getting employees up to speed on new software.

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