5 Computer Application Training Tips for Employees

Web based platforms are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to train new employees. Most of the new applications and platforms to train employees offer unprecedented convenience and consistency. Also, using computer applications and web-based tutorials can take the burden off managers, so that they can focus on other pertinent business matters. Not only that, but employees can learn on their own time and at their own pace, which can be a much more effective training method than packing a bunch of new employees into a classroom and forcing them to learn to materials. Here are five computer application training tips.

  1. Let employees solve problems on their own. While it is important to monitor their progress, it can also be important to let trainees solve their own problems. This will ensure that new employees are more resourceful and that they won’t take time away from a supervisor or manager. Plus, many of the web-based training applications that are available, offer excellent problem solving solutions.
  2. Group employees into teams of three to four people. Grouping employees can be an excellent way to ensure that new employees are absorbing the materials they are learning. Basically, after a few hours of trainees working with web-based applications, they can then spend another few hours going over the key concepts that were illustrated in the tutorials with their teammates. Studying with other employees can also break up the monotony of the training process and make it more of a social experience. Studies suggest that adding a social element to the training process can enhance a trainee’s ability to absorb and adapt to new platforms, software and even technology. As a manager, though, you want to make sure these groups remain productive.
  3. Use past case studies. Case studies are an excellent way to customize application based training. On a day to day basis, there are a lot of details for employee to remember and protocols to abide by. For instance, a case study might show how an employee deals with a customer who is upset. The trainee can then, based on what they learned in their training tutorials, decide what they would do in that situation.
  4. Use video tutorials. Video is a great medium to use if you want to effectively train new employees. With video tutorial training applications, like the ones provided by K Alliance, trainees can pull from literally hundreds of tutorials that will keep them up to speed on the platforms and software they will need to complete their job.
  5. Answer questions. By the end of an application based training program, it is important for supervisors or managers to bring all the trainees together to get a grasp what they have learned thus far, and, most importantly, you want to answer questions. Chances are that trainees will have a lot questions on their mind, so clearing up any confusion is a critical part of the training process and the key to managing successful employees.

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