Common Small Business Warehouse Inventory Issues

Indeed, the warehouse of your business can be a little bit like a nerve center, especially if you deal with high volume product sales. The one thing, though, about warehouses is that things are bound to go wrong once and a while. When it comes to remedying these problems, it helps to know exact what some of the most common problems are. These problems can run the gamut and can happen to any business’ warehouse no matter how high tech the warehouse systems are. When it comes to warehouse inventory issues, it can not only cost your business money, but also time, which can really put a dent in your business’ cash flow. If you are a small business, it could be especially damaging. Here are some common small business warehouse inventory issues.

One of the biggest problems that occur with inventory in the warehouse is product damage. Damage can occur anywhere and at anytime and it can be hard to know whose fault it is. Even if your warehouse is extremely efficient and well managed, items are bound to get damaged eventually. If the items are fragile, this can happen more often than not and it might simply be part of the job. However, damaged items can result in returns and very unhappy customers, so finding ways to better protect inventory from damages is critical.

Another big problem is when the wrong inventory gets shipped. If you have a high capacity warehouse with multiple items going out daily, sending out the wrong inventory can happen once and a while. This can result in confusion and frustration when the package arrives to a customer’s business or doorstep. If you deal with high priority items, like medical devices, this could be an even bigger problem. The wrong inventory can get shipped for a number of reasons, but it more often than not happens when an employee places the wrong label on a shipment. To avoid this, it is important to have checks and balances in place – automation helps too.

Next, delayed shipments is another big inventory problem. This problem usually has to do with inefficient warehouse operations. If items become delayed and don’t ship out on time, it can really start to affect your business negatively. If you want to avoid delayed inventory and late shipments, it is important to retrain managers and perhaps create new protocols. The last thing you want is for delayed inventory to become a chronic problem that continually costs your business time and money.

Lastly, inventory storage is another big problem when it comes to warehouse operations. Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, a lot of businesses are over stocking items, but having a hard time knowing where to place all the extra stock. This is why consulting with storage professionals, likeĀ US Storage Group, could really put your warehouse on track to being better organized. Not having the proper amount of storage can slow down your warehouse down and could negatively affect incoming revenue.

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