Top 5 Trade Show Exhibitor Tips for Small Businesses

If you have a company with a really dynamic product, have you ever considered taking it to a trade show? For a business owner, this kind of decision comes with all kinds of benefits because not only is it an awesome way to advertise what you have to offer, but it’s also a great way to network with other companies, meet new prospective customers and also connect with some vendors and suppliers that can help to make your business run more smoothly.

However, if you want to make a really good impression at the trade shows, it’s important that you know some important exhibitor tips. If you’re curious to know what some of those are, we have enclosed five that will sure to make you, your business and your booth memorable below:

Make your logo (highly) visible. The first thing that you want people to notice is your company and what it represents. There’s no better way to do that than with your company’s logo on display. Make sure that it’s big and that you position in such a way that it’s up as high as possible. Treat it as the “headline” for your business.

Have lots of lights. Almost all of us are attracted to bright and colorful lights so don’t hesitate to use that as a feature attraction for your booth as well. As a matter of fact, don’t assume that the convention center or arena is going to provide all of the lighting that you’ll need. Bring along a spotlight of your own and enjoy being creative using light bulbs of various colors (other than white).

Don’t forget about your “wall”. One mistake that a lot of people tend to make at trade shows is overlooking the fact that if there is no backdrop or if it’s just a plain white one, that can make their exhibit seem boring and drab. Don’t be a statistic. Whether it’s a drapery or a large foam board, have fun with all of the possibilities that come with designing your back wall.

Dress the part. Out of all of theĀ strategies that we’ve already discussed, perhaps the most important one at all is that you make sure to dress the part. That’s because no matter how great your exhibit is, people are still going to want to talk to you personally and you want to make sure that your look says that you take your business seriously. So, however you feel that your style will best represent your company (and will complement the exhibit booth), that’s what you should put on.

Have plenty of samples and paraphernalia. There’s no point in going to a trade show if you don’t have any product or even paraphernalia for people to take home with them. That’s why it’s imperative that you have plenty of samples and that you order enough business cards, brochures and things with your logo on them like T-shirts and pens. That way, once people walk away from your booth, they will have something in hand to remember you by—and also to contact you with once they’re ready to do business with you.

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