Office Supplies and Essentials That Every Business Needs

Whether you’re starting a business, moving to a new location, or simply managing the facility (including restocking office supplies), every business is going to have certain needs. Obviously, furniture items like desks, chairs, and lighting are a must – you don’t want your employees working on the floor and in the dark! And in this era of modern technology, you’ll need a slew of electronics, including computers, printers, and phones, along with all the wiring to charge them and keep them connected. But just because office supplies are the last thing on your long list of must-haves doesn’t make them any less essential. Every business needs office supplies. And while they won’t cost you a ton piecemeal, the expense of these small items quickly adds up over time. So you want to make sure you’re stocking the essentials rather than purchasing a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need.

One of the first areas to address is paper supplies, and there could be several that you want to outfit your office with. Printer paper is probably the most important for any given office since it is likely to get the most frequent use as employees print out reports, binders of information for meetings, or even employee handbooks (although these could also be posted on your intranet). The point is that you’re going to need a lot of printer paper. It couldn’t hurt to keep ink cartridges for your printers on hand, as well. As for other types of paper, different sizes and types of envelopes should be on your list of essentials, along with notepads of various sorts. Although a lot of employees may use electronic tablets, smartphones, and other devices to jot down notes, there are still plenty of people that prefer a good old pen and paper for quick notes.

As a result, you’ll also want to supply your office with writing utensils. Pens tend to be more appropriate than pencils for most office tasks, so you can probably skip the graphite in favor of ink. Of course, it’s also a good idea to have supplies on hand for group writing projects (like meetings) so you should think about outfitting meeting rooms with dry erase boards and markers, as well. Some offices choose to put up a dry erase wall in every cubicle, rather than pinboards, for example, but this might be overkill. As for pinboard surfaces, you should skip tacks, which tend to get lost and/or poke people, and opt for boards with magnets in the office instead. You could actually get magnet push pins from websites likeĀ CMS magnetics (along with a slew of other options in office magnets). It’s just a neater way to store notes and other documents of immediate relevance.

And when it comes to storage in general, you have no shortage of options for organization. File folders to organize filing cabinets are pretty much a given. But you should think about adding drawer or desk organizers to compartmentalize pens, paperclips, staples, and other small supplies. As you can see, there are plenty of office supplies you might need to populate your facility with. And when you really think about it, a lot of them are pretty essential if you want your business to operate in a productive manner. Luckily, there are also a ton of supplies that don’t necessarily have to go on your list of crucial elements, potentially saving you some money.

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