5 Digital Signage Tips for Businesses

In a digital world, digital signage is one of the best ways to garner people’s attention and turn sales conversions. If you want to maximize your business’ success, it may be worth it to invest in digital signs. Usually, digital signage includes an LCD screen and some kind of mount. Your advertisement or graphics for your sign is fed through some kind of digital loop that is connected to a computer or hard drive. One of the advantages that digital signage has over traditional signage is that you can use multiple images and you can use movement. When it comes to garnering people’s attention, digital signage can be far more successful. Here are five digital signage tips for businesses.

  1. Keep it short and succinct. The shorter and more succinct your information is presented, the more effective it will be. In a digital age, consumers are used to getting information in low doses. The result of this is that people’s attention spans are shorter when it comes to advertising. If you are trying to get the message out about a sale, or a new product, try using as few words as possible. If you can, let the images speak for themselves.
  2. Use images that have meaning. The images people see today are vastly different than the images that people used to seeing. Where in the old days, happy and smiling people did the trick, – today it is all about connecting with people on their level. So, if you have a certain demographic, try to tap into that demographic when you are using digital signage. If you have a new product, you may want to have a few of your customers use it or try it on and then photograph them. Having real people in your signage can be really effective.
  3. Utilize video. There is nothing like video when it comes to getting the message out about new products and services. For instance, you could shoot a little infomercial or viral video and display it on your digital signage. You could take that same video and place it online to maximize its viral capacity. Once people see it in your store -on a digital sign – it will get a much better reaction. When you are creating a video, you don’t want it to be too long, because people will undoubtedly get bored.
  4. Always have your sign professionally made. You may want to save money on your digital signage, but having your sign professionally made will actually be the most cost effective. If you create the sign yourself, you won’t be able to offer that professional polish that a professional sign painter can give you, which is why professional is always better. A sign production business, likeĀ Kachina Sign Center, can create a beautiful and extremely effective digital sign for your business.
  5. Use color sparingly, but make the text standout. Too much color can be jarring, but used sparingly can increase your digital sign’s response. For instance, you never want too bright of colors against a dark background. However, nothing is more effective than black text on a white background.

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