Running a Business While Getting Your MBA: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

If you’ve been thinking about getting your MBA, we can certainly see why. After all, there are a lot of benefits that come with making that kind of investment into your professional future. Not only does a Master of Business Administration give you the education and skills needed to succeed in the business world, but business school is also a great way to network. Plus, if you’re someone who is an entrepreneur, it will definitely assist you in being a great one.

So what if you’re someone who happens to already run a business and you’re wondering how you can get your MBA and still maintain a balance between your professional, academic and personal life? If this is your concern, then this is the article for you. Below, we are going to share with you five ways that you can keep your company going, get your MBA and still have some time to yourself in the process.

Go to school part-time. The first thing that we recommend is that you go to school part-time. Being that business school tends to be pretty demanding, although being a full-time student could get you out of school faster, it could also cause the other areas of your life to suffer in the process. By going part-time, you are still working towards your ultimate goal while also taking care of your other responsibilities too.

Go to school online. One of the best things about modern technology is that it affords you the opportunity to choose between going to school on an actual campus and going to school online. If you are someone who runs your own company, we recommend going online because you can do it from the convenience of your office or home. Plus, there are all kinds of classes offered that work around your schedule.

Create a schedule. There’s no doubt about it. While you’re in school, you’re definitely going to have to be a stickler for time management. The best way to do that is to create a schedule that includes all of the things that you need to do each day. Cozi Family Organizer, Planner Plus and Organizer To Do are all apps that you can download to help you keep track of all the things that are on your to-do list.

Get some extra help. Say that you’re planning to attend one of theĀ accredited online MBA programs in the country and at the same time, your company has just implemented a new marketing plan. It’s understandable that you would want to do well as a student and that you’d also want your business to succeed; however, you can’t be at two places at once. So, until you earn your MBA consider either cross-train someone to do some of your job or hire some additional help. That way, you can be confident that your business is doing fine, even if you can’t be there every hour of the day.

Make some time for yourself. When you’re running a business and you’re in school, there are going to be days when you feel like you are burning a candle at both ends. To keep from suffering from total burnout, it’s important that you make some time for yourself. Go to a movie, get a mani/pedi or even take a weekend trip on occasion. When you have a demanding lifestyle, leisure time is not a “luxury”; it’s a necessity. It helps you to reenergize so that you can get what needs to be done—as an entrepreneur and also a business school student.

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