How to Develop a Successful Packing and Shipping System for Your Business

When we think about running a small business, often shipping is not the first thing we think of. However, while it isn’t fun or exciting, all business owners need to deal with shipping, so it is essential that you develop a good system that is cost effective and process efficient. Here are some tips about how you can develop a successful packing and shipping system for your business.

First, it is best to start by doing some research so that you can find the best deal around. Often it is a good idea to see what other small businesses or what online business are using to ship their products so that you know what works best for others in the industry.

Once you have an idea of what other businesses are using, you can do your own background research. Always be sure to check out company websites for UPS, USPS, FedEx, DSLĀ Paper Mart and other to check out their rates and compare prices. For the ultimate comparison-shopping experience, you can use websites like or This helpful websites will allow you to immediately compare rates and prices for specific shipping information regarding a package of a particular weight, size, and destination location.

Once you have explored these sites, your research continues! Take the time to arrange a meeting with the shipping vendor representatives. These individuals frequently meet with small and large business owners to develop a professional relationship. This can also help you to find out what is available to you and what option you have. Often they will guide you in the right direction and find you deals that would have been difficult to hunt down on your own. Lots of times you can also negotiate prices. These reps will be more flexible since they want your long-term business no matter how big or small your business actually is.

When meeting with this professional, focus on prices and negotiating, but don’t forget to ask other important questions regarding their services. Find out if they offer morning pick-ups, what kind of paperwork is involved, and if it is easy to track the packages you ship out to clients. Whatever your needs are, you want to work will the shipping company that can best accommodate your needs to help your business run more efficiently.

Once you have determined which service to use, you will then need to find out how much it will cost you to ship items. Be sure to come up with a sensible cost. This is not the place to be making a profit or earning money. Your sipping prices need to be honest, affordable, and reasonable otherwise your customers will resent the cost and may be discouraged from buying your product or working with your company.

All of these tips will help you to develop a successful shipping and packing system for your business, no matter how big or small it may be. Always explore your options, ask what other businesses use, compare rates and to your homework. Then, take the time to meet with a shipping company representative to learn about options, negotiate and ensure that they offer you the services you need Finally, be sure to set fair, reasonable shipping rate for your customers to reduce issues, encourage business and allow your business to succeed!

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