5 Ways to Accelerate Workplace Performance

As an employer, you are constantly looking for ways to ensure that your employees are as productive as possible. At times, morale may be low, and efficiency at work may begin to lag. Be proactive and take steps to deter inefficiency and promote productivity and positive workplace performance. Her are 5 ways to effectively accelerate workplace performance.

  1. Involve your employees in decision making. Employees need to know that their opinions and ideas are heard and valued within a company. When determining roles, responsibilities, policies and other items you need to take the time to get feedback from your employees. This may be through surveys or it may be through a large meeting or individual discussions. When people are involved in the process of decision making, they are more invested in the business and will be held more accountable to policies that they helped form and that they agreed to. This gives everyone ownership and a sense of belonging.
  2. Provide incentive programs. Often people will perform better when they have something to gain, so incentive programs are often very effective. Make sure that your incentives are realistic but also of value to your employees. Ask them for their feedback regarding what rewards they prefer. Things such as extra personal days, a day to come into late and hour late, a special dinner and other prizes are exciting and motivating. Plus, this fosters a friendly, healthy form of competition in the workplace.
  3. Encourage team work. People work better when they are able to put their heads together. It is important tot develop a community in which people can collaborate in order to take simple ideas to a new level. Teamwork improves moral and helps increase productivity.
  4. Invest in your employees’ health and happiness. Employees will work harder for you when your business shows that they are invested in employee well-being. Many employers pay for or provide discounts to gyms in the area. Some even have in-house yoga classes or meditation sessions to help employees stay active, calm and stress-free. Also, providing healthy meals or food options can make a tremendous difference in morale and therefore overall productivity.
  5. Give clear, feasible objectives and expectations to your employees. If you want people to be productive, you need to make sure that they know what you want them to produce! Be clear about your expectations including content, deadlines and more. Help them to prioritize what is most essential, and what doesn’t need to be completed immediately so that they can stay organized and on top of assignments. This will help them feel more comfortable while also improving efficiency.

When working to improve employee workplace performance, negative feedback and criticism are often not your best tools. Instead get to the root of the problem and make some essential, positive, beneficial changes in the work culture of your establishment. Be sure to include employees in decision making processes, provide incentive programs, encourage team work through programs likeĀ TeamTelligent, invest in employee health and happiness, and finally be sure to give clear directions and objectives.

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