5 Key Factors Affecting Credit Score

credit score factors 5 Key Factors Affecting Credit ScoreKeeping your credit score good is an essential step to get the best financial opportunities now and then. Several key factors will affect your credit score and you must be aware on those factors. Work on it and make sure that you are always worthy. What are these key factors?

#1. History of Payment

How well you pay your bill shows a lot of you. Bankruptcy is definitely dangerous.

#2. Amount Owed

Each credit has limit. The amount of money you owe define who you are and your capability.

#3. Credit Available

The numbers of credit available for your need also make great weight on your score. More is better.

#4. Credit History Length

You will need an active account for this, and longer history is always better than ever.

#5. Credit Types

If you have various experience with various kinds of credit, it is great. It increases your score.

These key factors are important because goof performing on them will make you eligible on various criteria financial institution can rule about. You also need to make sure that they receive accurate information on your credit when you get a survey. Get ready on it, and good luck on your opportunity.

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