Tips and Tricks for Crafting Job Descriptions That Attract Exceptional Applicants

If you work in HR or you’re a supervisor at a company, you may be in charge of creating job descriptions to post when you’re seeking new applicants for a position. And while you can certainly spell out the duties associated with any job, provided you know the particulars of the position, a cut and dry accounting of the knowledge, skill, and experience required to fulfill a job’s obligations may not be enough bait to hook the fish you’re looking for.

If what you want is the cream of the crop, a truly exceptional applicant that can offer you so much more than what appears on paper; you need to learn how to craft a job description designed to entice the best people for the job. And here are just a few tips and tricks that can help you to make any position appear glamorous and full of potential.

The first thing you want to do is come up with a compelling but accurate title for the job description. Of course, you need to keep it concise so that people don’t pass it over for being too wordy. And you’ll want to avoid undue abbreviation – adding exclamation points is a cheap trick that won’t fool your ideal candidate into believing your job is more interesting than it actually is. But with the use of provocative and sophisticated language you should be able to grab the attention of the high-caliber applicants you’re seeking with the heading you create.

Once you’ve crafted an eye-catching title for your job description, it’s time to address the body of your text, including the skills, education, and even personality traits required, as well as a blurb about what working for your company entails. The first portion is pretty straightforward, but your use of language can still accentuate the list of job requirements. You need to be precise about your expectations and discuss daily duties, but you may also want to find ways to highlight the prestige and benefits associated with taking a position at your company. A job is give and take and you want to let applicants know what they stand to gain, as well as what they’re expected to give.

As for additional information, you should make an effort to create a blurb that imparts the ideals and concessions that make your company a great place to work. You need to convince the right applicants that they want to work for you. And while being qualified to perform the tasks associated with a position certainly opens the door for job-seekers to apply, making them believe that your company offers better opportunities, a close-knit team, an environment of support and appreciation, and company they can be proud to work for could go a long way towards bringing in the top candidates in your field. Of course, competitive wages and benefits don’t hurt, either.

It’s not easy to craft a job description that is both concise and compelling, but considering that most job-seekersĀ apply for a bunch of jobs at once, you need to make your offering stand out from the pack. If you don’t want to lose the most exceptional applicants to the competition, you need to craft a dynamic description that embodies the values your company promotes while still imparting the duties required to nab the job. If you can pull it off, you’re sure to attract the applicants that will help to take your company into a bright future.

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