5 Effective Ways to Drive Employee Motivation

Employee motivation isn’t something that grows on trees. Plus, it can’t be manufactured. The key to employee motivation lies in the ability to create an environment where your workforce feels like they are thriving. Yes, your workforce is an asset, but a human one at that, so you have to look at your office like a living, breathing entity. There should be room for employees to grow and there should room for employees to get inspired. The more motivated your employees are, the stronger your business will be and the easier it will be for your company to expand. This is why investing in employee motivation is so critical. Here are five effective ways to drive employee motivation.

  1. Create a more motivating and inspiring atmosphere. Most offices are the opposite of motivating and inspiring – and business owners wonder why morale has taken a hit. If your office is drab, splashed with fluorescent lighting and covered in the color grey, going to work will feel not unlike a prison sentence. So, you may want to think about opening things up. Perhaps paint the walls a lighter color. Combine fluorescent lighting with natural sunlight. Taking these measures will greatly improve performance and it will boost motivation.
  2. Make employees more comfortable. While you probably don’t want your employees lounging around in easy chairs and couches, you do want to provide chairs and desks that are comfortable to work on. Most offices have chairs that don’t offer the best back support. Plus, desks are either too low or high, which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. With sore wrists and a sore back, employees will only want to go home or lie down. However, if you invest in more comfortable seating and desk arrangements, your employees will be much happier and more productive.
  3. Open up the channels of communication.¬†Motivating employees takes attention, care, time and lots of finesse. You can’t simply tell employees to be motivated, because that’s not the way human nature works. One of the best ways to boost employee motivation is to let them have a clear channel of communication. You want to hear what employees have to say about work conditions, non-work conditions – anything that could be affecting performance.
  4. Create an incentive program. If you have a quota system on your sales floor, you want to make sure that you reward employees when they meet a certain quota. Think of it like a positive reward. If an employee does meet his or her quota and they aren’t rewarded for it in someway, motivation will start to take a hit. This is why you need a program, like¬†Loyaltyworks, to help manage your incentive program.
  5. Allow employees to grow and flourish. Your workforce shouldn’t feel like they are stuck in the same pot with nowhere to move or grow. This is why you want to offer your employees something to reach for. Creating a culture of growth is one of the best and most effective ways to drive employee motivation.

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