5 Retail Storefront Sign Design Tips for Small Business Owners

Whenever you’re in a mall and you’re walking past a line of stores, have you ever thought about what makes you actually bypass some and walk into others? The reality is that while all of us have favorite stores that we would probably go into no matter what, there are others that capture our attention simply due to two things: the storefront sign and the storefront display. (Today, we’re going to focus on the storefront sign.)

Whether you are planning to lease some space in a mall or you have some standalone property that needs a sign, we wanted to offer up a few tips on how to design a storefront sign in such a way that it will have people from all around interested in what you and your company have to offer below:

Hire a professional designer. If you’re someone who is a designer, then you can skip this tip. But if you’re someone who only knows a little bit about image design software like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, our recommendation is that you consult with a professional designer when it comes to the creation of your sign. Being that it will be one of the first impressions that a lot of people will get about your business, it needs to be just right.

Choose a great color palette. According to a lot of design experts, when it comes to choosing a color palate for your storefront sign, it really is best to go with no more than two colors (unless they are both neutral hues and you want to offset them with a “pop” of something bright). Whatever colors that you choose, it’s important that the words are easy to see in contrast to the background hue that they are on.

Make sure the font is easy to read. Just about all of us have seen a sign before that has been fun to look at but fairly difficult to read. Usually it’s because the business owner did not put enough thought into the kind of font that needed to be used. Being that there are literally dozens of different kinds of fonts to choose from, we won’t get into the kinds that we think you should use. We will say this, though: Definitely avoid the kind that looks like handwriting. It’s pretty but it’s not practical (and usually not legible either). Also, make sure that the front is big enough that it can be read from a far distance. On average, it should take up about 40-50 percent of the sign’s height.

Add a description under the name. If you were to ask someone who works at a sign store like Royal Sign for tips on how to design a great storefront business sign, something that we’re sure they would tell you is that it’s important to include a short description of your company under the name or logo on your sign. That way, people will have a good understanding of what they can expect from you, the very moment that they walk in.

Be creative. Finally, don’t forget to be creative. Although you’ve just read certain guidelines that you should follow, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to showcase your own personality; so, don’t be afraid to do it. For information on how to find a great storefront sign designer in your area, put “storefront sign designer” along with your city and state in the search field.

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