How to Find a Reputable CPA for Your Business

Your personal taxes are relatively easy to file. However, business taxes are vastly different. There are different classifications, more items that you can write off and there may even be a unique tax schedule. So, it is important that you find an accountant for your business that specializes in the size and type of your business. When it comes to hiring an accountant, there are a number of things you need to look for to know if the CPA you are hiring is reputable or not. CPA stands for ‘certified public accountant’ – you need to take an exam to receive this title. There are a lot of accountants out there, but only one will be right for your company. Here is how to find a reputable CPA for your business.

Your first step in finding a reputable CPA is to figure out whether you want to hire an in-house accountant or if you want to hire a firm, like Yudichak CPA PC. There are many pros and cons of each. For one thing, hiring an in-house accountant can be expensive and a burden – if you aren’t ready for this big leap, you probably want to go with a firm. With a firm, though, you may not get the specialized service you need – but that all depends on the firm you hire.

By far, one of the best ways to find an accountant is to ask for referrals. There is a good chance that one accountant or accounting firm does the books for all the major companies in your niche or demographic. So, all you have to do is ask other business owners. This can be a great way to narrow in on your search, because you’ll know that an accountant is reputable if he or she is doing the taxes and returns for other companies within your market or your vendor’s market. After you have a list of CPAs, your next step is to meet to discuss some of your accounting needs and concerns.

Another great way to find a decent accountant is to look through an accountant’s resume or case history. If you see that the accountant has worked with some big names or big companies, you can probably bet that the firm will do a great job for your company. Looking at some of the other companies that the accountant has worked for is a little bit like looking through their qualifications. Once you have the most qualified accountant, you can bet that he or she will do a great job on your next tax return.

Lastly, finding a reputable CPA can be difficult, especially when you have various accountants and accounting firms making attractive promises to win your business. So, you may need to flip through your contact list in order to get the names of the most reputable accountants in your area. You may also want to research a certain accountant’s background to ascertain the person’s experience level. If the accountant does not have enough work experience, you may want to keep looking for another accountant. In the end, experience is everything when it comes to how reputable a CPA is.

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