5 Quick and Easy SEO Tips for Your Business Website

There is this pervading idea that SEO requires a massive investment of time and money. SEO companies and consultants have propagated this myth – it’s a classic economic principle: make something look hard so people will pay to have it done for them. Indeed, SEO – which stands for search engine optimization – is not witchcraft; nor is it that complicated to understand. The search engines use complicated algorithms, which are like mathematical equations, to automatically produce results for a certain search query. If you search “hamburger,” you will get a list of all the websites the search engine has deemed relevant for that specific query. SEO is purely a method to make your site the most relevant so that someone searching online will find your website before they find the competition’s website. Here are five quick and easy SEO tips for your business website.

  1. Create a blog. Starting a blog is one of the most effective SEO tactics because a blog can create a sense of frequency, especially if you post every single day. Frequency is the key to relevancy, because your site is producing new, fresh content. If you are posting regularly, the search engine bots will take notice and crawl your site. Each time this happens, you will be indexed higher and higher in the rankings.
  2. Build hyperlinks. Another way to build website SEO is to build hyperlinks. Hyperlinking can be incredibly effective, because it helps build the web of information on your site. Moreover, if you have blog posts that link out to other sites, your posts will be deemed more relevant and worthwhile of a reader’s attention. You need to make sure, though, that hyperlinked keywords actually land on the right link – otherwise you could be slapped with a penalty.
  3. Don’t crowd keywords. Keyword crowding is basically where you add so many keywords that it becomes difficult for the search engines to crawl your site at all. Plus, the search engine bots know when someone is crowding keywords, especially if some of the keyword stings don’t make any sense. This is why you want to be methodical when it comes to the keywords you choose – no matter if you are building keywords for a page or a blog post.
  4. Make sure content is high quality. The search engine bots are also discerning readers – they break down everything – from the grammar to the spelling. When SEO first became popular, people were auto-generating content, but this was causing major problems and diluting the search engines with bad websites. If you want to optimize your site, you need to make sure your content is not only readable, but also well written, informative and entertaining.
  5. Establish a social media presence. Social media is also an incredibly strong tool when it comes to SEO. Social media can allow you the opportunity to post links to your website and other information. You can also add basic meta information, like a company bio or “meet the team” section. In the end, no SEO campaign is complete without a strong social media presence.

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