VOIP Video Conferencing Basics for Businesses

There used to be a time when, if you needed to hold a conference outside of your office, you had to travel to a particular location. However, thanks to the internet and technological inventions like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), now you can hold these kinds of meetings without physically leaving your place of business.

How VoIP works is that it transmits compressed data in such a way that you can make several different phone calls from one space. As a result, not only is VoIP very inexpensive, but it’s also extremely convenient when it comes to making calls and conducting video conferences too.

If installing VoIP for the purpose of holding video conferences is something that you would be interested in doing, here are five things that you should know in order to get started soon:

Learn the basics. Before doing anything else, it’s important that you take out some time to learn some of the basics about VoIP and how to conduct a conference call. Although it’s a pretty uncomplicated process (you call the first person you wish to talk to, press the “more” button, the “conference” button and then dial another person and so forth), you don’t want to wait until the day of the meeting to become well-versed about the process. Most VoIP companies provide videos on their website that will walk you through how to use the video conferencing option. It’s well worth your time to check them out.

Install the product properly. The next thing that you need to do is properly install the product. First, look to see that you have all of the items that you’re supposed to have based on the list of contents. Secondly, make sure that you also have enough electrical outlets to give all of the required devices an electric connection. If you discover that you don’t, contact a licensed electrician in your area; they may recommend that you add some outlets with built-in surge protectors.

Check lighting and sound. It’s going to be really challenging to pull off a successful video conference call without good lighting and quality sound. Although fluorescent lighting is OK in an office setting, it’s not very useful during a video conference call. It’s actually better to go with a lamp that has a soft white, pink or blue bulb in it. And as far as sound, being aware of the size of your conference room and also knowing what kind of space your conference participants will be in, that will help you to make the proper audio configurations.

Consider using more than one camera. Say that you decide to go with MagicJack VoIP calling as your VoIP provider. When it comes to video conferencing, something else that you need to consider doing is using more than one camera. As it specifically relates to using VoIP for business , although each VoIP company will have their recommendations of what brand of cameras will work best, each company will probably tell you that by using several cameras at once, that will make your video conference much more effective.

Speak with a customer service agent. Even with the tips that have been provided, remember that these are general suggestions. In order to learn more about the details, tips and tricks of your particular VoIP service, it’s always best to speak directly with a customer service agent. For information on some of the top VoIP services on the market, visit My VoIP Provider and put “VoIP providers world ranking” in the search field.

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