5 Helpful Display Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

There are so many different reasons why it’s a good idea for business owners to partake in trade shows. It’s a good way to connect with vendors. It’s an effective strategy when you want to introduce a new product or service. And it’s definitely one of the best approaches when it comes to meeting new customers.

The thing to keep in mind is people who attend trade shows are going to be looking at dozens and dozens of different booths. That’s why, in order to make a memorable impression, it’s important that you do certain things as it specifically relates to your display.

If you’d like some helpful display tips, here are five that will make you stand out from the rest at the next trade show that you attend:

Have an eye-catching table. A lot of trade shows are going to provide you with a table, a couple of chairs and quite possibly a tablecloth. But it’s your responsibility to design your table in such a way that it really stands out. Use colors from your company’s logo. Attach some art to the sides or back of the display. Put a presentation board together that offers information about your business. Print up some pamphlets and flyers and also make sure that your staff is dressed in professional yet approachable attire.

Have a company template. You don’t want people to come up to your table and then forget the name of your company five minutes after they walk off. Something that you can do to avoid this from being an issue is to create a company template. If you’ve never done that before, Display It is one website that can offer some great tips. Just go to the site and put “ways to make your table top display effective.” You can also go to Kinko’s and have one printed up for a pretty affordable price too.

Have good lighting. Something else that you’re going to need to have is some good lighting. Bright colors are usually best. Just make sure that once you have your lighting plan in place that you contact the trade show sponsors beforehand to see if they have enough electricity to accommodate you.

Have a video-display. It’s going to be challenging to hold people’s attention just with talking and brochures. That’s why it’s important that you also incorporate some kind of video display as well. Although initially that might sound like an overwhelming task, there are plenty of websites that can walk you through how to make a video (or slideshow) that will be just perfect for your booth. One of them is Hot Head Studios. Go to the site and put “how to create a trade show video” in the search field.

Have a lot of giveaways. If you were to speak with someone who works for a company like Blazer Exhibits & Events about something else that you should keep in mind as a trade show exhibitor, one thing they might tell you that never gets old is giveaways. So make sure that you offer a few. Although things like T-shirts and mugs are fine, it’s even better to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to the things that you give away for free. For suggestions on how to be creative with your giveaways, visit Sales Pro Blog and put “trade show giveaways” in the search field.

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