5 Local SEO Tips to Help Your Business Rank Better

Small and local businesses need not fear the scary world of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Although it might seem like the kind of marketing activity that only big businesses are involved with, it’s actually becoming a lot easier to locally target your search engine optimization. There are number of different methods that could help your business climb up the Google results page that are affordable and effective. Hiring an SEO company to help out with your local Internet marketing is always a great option as they come with a wealth of expertise and experience under their belt. But there are other ways you can make the most of your online presence too. Here are a five local SEO tips to help your business rank better on Google’s search results page.

  1. Location, location. In order for search engines like Google and Yahoo to recognize that you are indeed a local business, you’ll need to have some kind of physical location and identity. Even if it’s a local telephone number or P.O. Box, it’ll dramatically increase your chances of appearing when someone searches for your kind of business in your area.
  2. Be consistent. It’s extremely important to keep all your public information exactly the same, wherever possible. If your business name is spelled differently or sometimes includes ampersands and additional digits, Google won’t recognize it as the same entity and it’ll be much harder to search for. So be sure to reinforce your brand name by keeping your business address, phone number, name and slogans consistent across the board.
  3. Be accessible. Make sure you claim any online listings in directories (such as Yelp or Google maps) as your own. This will allow you to control the information flow, to ensure that it’s correct. Appearing in these listings is increasingly important for a local business. 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local businesses in their area so you better be accessible online and on as many directories and platforms as possible.
  4. Be social media savvy. Using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are a great way to build an online community. Link up with friends and family as well as all of your customers and collaborators in your local community. The stronger your online community, the stronger your real-world community. Be sure to use keywords relating to your business and its location when making posts and sharing content. This will help Google and other search engines recognize your locale.
  5. Make more content. Constantly updating your social media profile and blog page will only get you so far if your content isn’t strong and engaging. It’s important to make sure that every piece of content includes hash tags and hyperlinks and is appropriately named in order optimize the search result potential. Videos and photos are far more popular as click-bait than just plain text, so be sure to document anything you do. Photograph your business location and staff members to put a face to the name and to allow consumers to find you with ease.

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