Career Planning Advice for New Grads

After years of academic studies, it can be a daunting prospect to enter the workforce and start looking for a job. Getting on the career ladder is becoming increasingly more complex with more and more college graduates appearing year in and year out. For the more popular career choices, the market is often over saturated with eager young people clambering for a job position. This often leads to a lot of unpaid internships and low paying positions. Sometimes a little career advice can go a long way. So here are a few tips when it comes to planning your career fresh out of your graduation day celebrations.

  1. Seek some professional advice. Being young and bright, you can often confuse your achievements so far with being all-knowing and all-seeing. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you don’t know everything just yet. Consulting someone with years of experience and expertise is going to give you the edge above the rest of your peers and classmates. There are a number of mentor-protege programs available to new graduates. Take a look at the Naisa Global website to see what kind of program might suit you. They specialize in career development.
  2. Be willing to learn more. Your piece of paper and your GPA means very little when it comes to the work place. Your attitude, enthusiasm and your overall willingness to learn more will be what gets you past the interview stages. Bragging about your previous successes when you actually have your career ahead of you will not achieve anything, so be sure to be as humble as possible while still remaining confident.
  3. Dress for success. First impressions really do make a big impact. It’s important that you dress accordingly for the job you’re applying for. Stop dressing like a college student. Ditch the kid’s clothing, skate brands, piercings and sneakers. Start dressing like the person you envision yourself to be in ten years time. If you appear to be an adult, then people will treat you like one almost immediately.
  4. Network. Nothing will further your career more than building relationships with people. In fact, this might be the most important asset to you in any career. Sitting at home on your computer writing emails and sending out resumes is a far more passive process than getting out to industry events and handing out cards and shaking hands. Be adventurous and get outside your shell a little bit. Push yourself to go out and be in the right place at the right time. Be proactive and introduce yourself to people and develop a strong ability to thrive in the art of small talk. It might be small, but it can produce big results. This will be your strongest tool when doing business.

Courtesy is key. Having basic social graces and manners will get you a long way in whatever industry you are a part of. Common courtesy is surprisingly not that common amongst most new graduates. Demonstrating that you have been raised with these tools will do you wonders in your interviewing stages as well as further along your career path.

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