5 Effective Ways to Promote Workplace Diversity

These days, the importance of having a diverse workforce is more important than ever. If you want your clientele to feel welcome, they are going to want to see faces that resemble their own. If you want all of your staff to get along well and trust one another, you are going to have to create an environment that is inclusive and allows for everyone’s voices to be heard. The more diverse your business is, the more easily it will forge its way through the 21st century. Here are five effective ways to promote workplace diversity.

  1. Advertise employment opportunities on multiple platforms. If you want to diversify your workforce, you’re going to have to reach out to a wider audience. This means that when you have a new position available, you’re going to want to announce it on multiple social media platforms, as well as on several different job hosting websites. And don’t forget to put a sign in your window as well!
  2. Encourage employees to train for multiple positions. You may only need to fill one position here and there, but if your employees have any downtime, it might be a good idea to use that time to train them in other positions. You never know when someone is going to call in sick, and your staff will need to improvise. Plus, you may discover that some of your employees are better suited for different positions than you originally thought.
  3. Change the schedule periodically. If you really want to see diversity at work, you should probably switch peoples’ shifts up a little bit. According to DiversityInc best practices, this will ensure that your employees don’t always work with the same people, in which case, your staff will become a better team. If your closing staff works a few opening shifts, they may get an idea of how to do a better job closing, which would make it easier for the opening staff the next morning in the process.
  4. Create opportunities for employees to provide input. If you really want your team to feel as though they are appreciated, then you will want to give them opportunities to share their experiences with you. If you work in a restaurant, and the back of house staff is constantly receiving orders for menu items that are out of stock, you are going to want them to know that you will talk to the front of house staff about informing customers before they place orders. Plus, you may want to start adjusting the count on your food orders.
  5. Acknowledge cultural holidays in the workplace. One of the best ways to make your workplace feel more diverse is to decorate and celebrate different cultural holidays. Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate and when you give your workforce the opportunity to share their culture with everyone, they really will feel like they belong. In the end, the more included people feel, the more loyal and trusting they will be.

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