5 Local Marketing Ideas That Work

If you have a brick and mortar business, you could be hiding in plain sight. Indeed, you could boost sales ten to twenty fold if you just put a little effort into locally marketing your business. Without an effective marketing campaign, it will be difficult to reach out to your core market. If you are slightly off the beaten path, you will need to rely on this marketing to really make it. Many businesses fail because they are hidden from the field of consciousness. For instance, if you sell antiques, you want to make your presence known by employing a number of critical strategies. When it comes down to it, many strategies are either completely free or incredibly affordable. Here are five local marketing ideas that work.

  1. Word of mouth – when it comes down to it, simply talking about your business can work wonders when it comes to getting exposure for your business. The best thing about word of mouth is that it is free and easy. Indeed, all you have to do is speak to people. What is so difficult about that? If you love your business and you are passionate about it, you will have a lot to say.
  2. Upgrade the SEO on your website – one of the best ways to locally market your business is to localize your website. When you start a website, you want to be sure that people can pinpoint where you are located. This is why having an address on your contact page is so important. However it isn’t only for the sake of making sure the address is visible – it is also important for the sake of local SEO. For instance, if your business is in El Segundo, California, you want to be sure that you add the name of the city on the front end of your website and the backend. This will help the Google bots find your website.
  3. Make sure to build a visible sign – when it comes down to it, signage is everything when you are marketing a business. When it comes to local marketing, you want your patrons to be able to see your website from down the street and when they are driving by. For instance, you can use the services of SignPost, Inc. to get a gorgeous sign made.
  4. Have a grand opening – if you really want to market your business successfully, you want to have a major grand opening. Indeed, you want to be able to invite your community into your business. You can offer free products or a significant discount in exchange for coming in. Just offering great service will help create repeat customers.
  5. Develop a loyalty program – if you want your community to keep coming back and if you want to make sure that your community knows about your business, you’ll want to create this system. You could offer a card that people can use each time they come in. The card can be ticked off every time a product is sold. When the entire card is punched out, the customer can get something for free. In the end, creating a loyalty program is good business.

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