5 List of Forex Trading Strategies

forex trading strategies 5 List of Forex Trading StrategiesForex trading is another alternative many people prefer to earn more money. To do it, we will need to apply several strategies to cover simple to complicated transaction. Each strategy provides signals and information to traders so they can make a move. Here are several known strategies on forex trading.

#1. RSI

We can buy and sell after a corrective period through mean reversion trading. It involves smaller strategy steps.

#2. Moving Average

This strategy is built based on the cross between two moving averages which are exponential, both fast and slow ones.

#3. MACD

This strategy is simple and flexible in signalling both trend as well as momentum. Traders love it.

#4. Bollinger Bands

This is actually a simple analysis on a form of technical tool that indicates imminent reversal to the current trend on market.

#5. Stochastic Oscillator

This strategy has indicator that shows how to trade oversold and overbought. This is really helpful.

Each strategy is proven to be work out well on most trading platforms and complication. However, each of them also serves differently for different situation as well. You may need to learn more about it to be able to apply it technically. Learn from experts is always advisable.

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