Top 5 Health Insurance Companies

health insurance 2013 Top 5 Health Insurance CompaniesHealth insurance is one of the necessary companies we should cooperate with. However, sometimes it is hard enough to select one the best. There are so many important factors and aspects we want to have, and most of the time, the service is not as good as it is advertised.

#1. Kaiser Permanente

This company is used by so many companies to serve their employees. It has great service, and we rarely need to refer out.

#2. BCBS of Illinois

This insurance company has the best customer service and is willing to help for any kind of problem.

#3. Humana

This insurance company offers for great service and low rate for drug.

#4. Health Net

The monthly premium is pretty low and good numbers of providers receive it. But coverage rate if quite high.

#5. BCBS of Florida

They are always available to help, affordable, and they offer good coverage. The value and service are exceptional.

Those five companies are explained to be the best right now. All testimonials from customers mention the entire good job and satisfying service too. If you are looking for a health insurance company, you may want to consider one of these companies. They are great at their job and you will get the best backup.

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